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Petformance is a range of products for dogs and cats realised by Liquid Wellness Company.

Liquid Wellness Company was established in 2011 with the aim of disseminating a new concept of well-being for our pets. This concept of animal well-being, in its various components, is constantly evolving and runs parallel to the consideration and the subsequent protection of dogs and cats, as members of our families in all respects.

In order to follow this incredibly positive evolution, Liquid Wellness Company decided to invest in scientific research to promptly identify and launch new highly innovative and functional products on the market. For Liquid Wellness Company, innovating means developing research leading to cutting-edge products, adapting strategies and structures in order to ensure an adequate response to the new increasing well-being requirements. The secret of Liquid Wellness Company is to “make the most” of the positive energy generated by this wind of change as much as possible, with animals gaining new rights that had previously been denied.

Liquid Wellness Company exclusively uses a number of research laboratories located in the United States and an excellent research team.

Petformance products are made in the USA and in Italy. These two extremes synthesise the dual vocation of Liquid Wellness Company, all Italian in terms of property and production (with a significant contribution to the increase of national employment), and international with regard to the level of cutting-edge technology and science.

In 2012 Liquid Wellness Company was acclaimed as one of the top ten Italian start-ups.

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